Single Parent Awards

Have you ever seen a father, maybe a soccer dad, lugging around a bunch of kids, feeding them, and still trying to keep a smile on his face? Maybe you have seen or know of a mom that works 40+ hrs then still comes home to cook? Well, those are SUPER PARENTS that PUSH focused on blessing during the month of June (2017)

Our goal was to acknowledge them, but also bless them the same way that they bless so many others. Sometimes their efforts go unrecognized, but we wanted them to know they don’t go unnoticed.

So, we put the word out there to have people nominate a hard working parent who deserves a ‘break’. About 10 names were entered, we reached out to them and their references and we found 2 moms that we felt could really use a PUSH:

We met up at a local grocery store and told them to ‘shop until you drop’ … or atleast until we told them to stop :-). Our budget allowed for 2 parents to get whatever they want up to $200. This was a huge blessing and allow one mother to feed her family of 5.

We purchased, we prayed and we PUSHed!

Thank you to all those who gave in their funds and their time to be a blessing!


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