PUSH Detroit is a local, membership-based community organization fighting to improve the city of Detroit. Its founder, Lionel Sims, established this organization in 2016 in order to assist with the resurgence of the Motor City.

PUSH Detroit initiatives:

  • Create strong neighborhoods through community involvement projects such as homeless outreach, park and home restorations, and family days to help raise funds for those in need;

  • Improve visual aesthetics within the city by getting involved in various cleaning projects. Such activities include park and school clean ups;

  • Develop a network of young professionals willing to give their time, energy, and talents to make the city of Detroit a better place to visit and to live.

Mission Statement:

The mission of PUSH Detroit is to ignite the people of Detroit and the metro area to ‘do something’ about the things that need to improve including crime, corrupt government, school closings, and depression.

Vision Statement:

PUSH’s members are the innovators and community organizers who drive the city of Detroit. Our members get their hands dirty in the community by literally cleaning up the neighborhoods. We work with partners and contributors to rebuild a healthy, strong city for all of it’s residents.

PUSH Values:

At PUSH Detroit, we value the following:

  • Member Involvement – We base our decisions on member participation, community impact, and networking value
  • Inclusiveness – We encourage a diversity of opinions and various creative backgrounds
  • Networking – We strive to connect the movers and shakers of the Detroit/metro Detroit area who have a vision and a heart to improve the city.
  • Results Oriented – Our plan is an accomplishment – we have outlined a series of measurable goals and outcomes that will ultimately lead to results
  • Acknowledgement – We are committed to promoting and recognizing those in the community who are making a positive difference

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